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Looking for board games that are not only fun but also educational for kids? Look no further! “Ticket to Ride: First Journey” is a great choice as it teaches geography and strategic thinking in a simplified version of the popular game. “Catan Junior” introduces basic resource management and negotiation skills in a pirate-themed setting. For younger children, “Zingo” helps with language development and pattern recognition in a fun bingo-style game. These board games provide a fantastic way for kids to learn while having a blast!

Kids Board Games

Playing Card Games For Kids

Introduce your children’s to fun with the help of the card games to boost their creativity and experience memorable moments.

Kids Board Games

Kids Educational Board Games

Educational games help to Learn New Skills and Gain Knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

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Language Development Games

Encourage vocabulary development, communication, and language skills through games.

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Featured Kids Board Games

Rhino Hero: This is a stacking game where players build a tower of cards and move a rhino figure on top of it.

Dobble (Spot It!): This is a card game where players use their observational skills and quick wits to spot the symbol that matches another on the table.

No Yolk: This is a card game where players try to collect the most eggs without getting any rotten ones.

Ramen Fury: This is a card game where players compete to create the best ramen bowls with different ingredients.

Educational Games for Kids
Board Games For Kids

Educational Games For Kids

Charades for kids

Learning Board Games

Charades is a fun and interactive game that includes cards with pictures to boost those who may not be satisfied with their reading abilities. To play, a person will think of a word or phrase, while the others will try to guess it based on the clues given by the first player.

You can play charades with a number of your choice players, but it’s best to have at least four people. For instance, younger children might come up with specific phrases that are difficult to guess. In such cases, cards with simple words and phrases, such as “picking flowers”, may be useful.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Learning Board Games

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a popular tabletop game for 2 to 4 players designed by Hasbro and was discovered by toy inventor Fred Kroll in 1967 and introduced in 1978. The game comes with 4 Hippo Attachments, 4 Hippo Heads, 4 levers, 20 Marbles, a Label Sheet, and Instructions in English and Spanish.

The game intends to feed marbles to four hippos named Happy Hippo (pink), Henry Hippo (orange), Homer Hippo (green), and Harry Hippo (yellow). The players have to feed marbles to their hippos and see who munches the most and the first player whose hippo chomps the golden marble wins the game.

Catan And Catan Junior For Kids

Learning Board Games

Catan Junior is a board game designed for children aged six and above to help them learn the skills of trading, building resources, and settling. Catan Junior is a variation of the classic Settlers of Catan, where players try to become the most powerful force on the island of Catan by constructing settlements, roads, and cities.

Families with children aged 6-9 can enjoy this game together, which takes approximately 30-40 minutes to play. While it does require some tactical and strategic thinking, it is less complex than the original Catan game.

Connect 4 For Kids

Learning Board Games

Connect 4 is a two-player board game where players take turns dropping discs into a grid to connect four of their discs in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The goal is to win the game by connecting four discs in a row faster than your opponent.

This is a great game for kids that is similar to Tic Tac Toe and helps children gain educational experience. The game ends when one player connects four discs in a row or fills up the entire grid and if the game ends without a winner, it’s a tie.

Guess Who? Board Game

Learning Board Games

Guess Who? Is a two-player board game suitable for ages six and up. To play, person’s take turns selecting a mystery character card and asking yes or no questions to guess the other player’s mystery character. The game includes two double-sided character sheets, one of which features superhero characters. 

To play, shuffle the identity cards, deal one to each player, and place the identity card in your cardholder. Then, in alternate turns, ask the other player one yes or no question about their character’s identity. This game is a great way for kids to practice using conversations to ask questions.

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Educational Games for Kids
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Kids Board Games
Kids Board Games
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